Case Study
Automatic cable winch for drones
and operator cable systems
Unique in its class, LiveLine is the only
tailored for both drones and manually
operated camera setups.
What sets it apart?
automated cable winch
A unique patented hybrid cable
we devised, capable of simultaneous power and video signal delivery.
Stage 1
Our story kicks off with a distinct hurdle:
How do we keep a 4K video signal
The Spark
crisp and uninterrupted
during the heat of live events, dodging the usual
suspects like battery changes or the vulnerabilities
of wireless systems?
Our challenge:
Ensuring stable video via fiber optics on the winch

without longer installs,
avoiding cable wear and snaps.
Stage 2
So we rolled up our sleeves at JoyMechanix
The Blueprint Emerges
and dreamed up
We called it LiveLine, a smart cable winch offering
the concept
interference-free video signal
and gimbal control and
auto adjustable pulling force
for minimal cable slack
LiveLine should be ready to elevate a variety
of broadcast scenarios, from
aerial camera motion systems
to drones and speed carts.
Stage 3
LiveLine Takes the Stage
The first version of LiveLine was a revelation, offering
wired power
We’ve cut out the fear of cable snaps and the
and gimbal control
downtimes of battery swaps
paired with interference-free HD
video transmission.
Auto adjustable pulling force helped using
cablecams with
so crucial for live broadcasting.
steeper angles.
Stage 4
Polishing the Gem
But we didn't stop there.
Feedback is gold, and it showed us the edges to smooth out. The first iteration of LiveLine, while innovative, needed to be seamlessly integrated across different platforms.
Enter version two:
more universal, with 4K video support,
and a patented cable that carries both signal and power.
better cable laying mechanics and less vibration to minimize wear,
LiveLine is ready
to meet any challenge
Stage 5
LiveLine Today
universal solution for
live broadcasting,
from TV studio applications to outdoor arenas.
It is used even by steadicam operators helping them to pull the cable and keep the cable slack
in check.
LiveLine's knack for delivering a smooth, uninterrupted 4K live stream has quickly become a must-have for many broadcasters around the globe.
Uzbekistan’s ZOR TV integrated LiveLine with their studio cable control system, benefiting from an interference-free communication channel and
an additional safety layer for TV studio, indoor
and outdoor events.
Today, LiveLine stands as a
Our partners RTS in Germany and Railcam
in the USA now count on LiveLine to capture
the thrill of sports without missing a beat.
Stage 6
The Future
LiveLine is our commitment to solving the puzzles
of live broadcasting, always with an eye on the
next breakthrough.
direct solution to the
At JoyMechanix,
and the promise of always pushing for peak
performance in the pursuit of broadcasting
we are setting the pace
It is a
real-world problem


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