About us

JoyMechanix is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative equipment for television and cinema. Our product line covers 3D and 2D robotic camera motion systems on cords and gyro stabilized 3-Axis pan-tilt heads. This equipment can be applied in different events, such as sport translations, filming, TV broadcasting, shooting large-scale events all over the world. JoyMechanix systems allow you to create exceptional frames, by previously inaccessible paths, with high smoothness and precision of movement. Application of unique developments makes it possible to lower the system price, making it better than the competitor’s one, while maintaining excellent quality. All our equipment is based on the «plug & play» principle, which makes it very easy to mount, operate and maintain.


The safety of JoyMechanix systems comes first. The crew of the best engineers developed the highest safety system, which consists of three phases.

First level (Software control):

  •  Programmable protection zones.
  • Program control of all data, from joysticks and winches (reliability control).
  • Program control of power supply.
  • Program control of engine top power.

Second level (Operator control):

  • Operator can always stop the system by pressing the emergency button.
  • Operator can track any possible mistakes in the system on the computer.

Third level (Winch control):

  •  All winches have magnet brakes, which stop if the winch  loses the signal.
  • If any cable is cutted or unplugged during the operation, the system stops working.
  •  If the computer is broken, the system stops working.
  • Winches control their top power and stops, if it exceeds standard level.
  • After losing the signal or power supply, the system won’t start before a person checks all the winches.

Manufacturing quality

Even the most modern and accurate electronics and even the fastest software will not work with low quality mechanisms. Precise CNC machined parts are the fundamentals on which we build our quality. We control all the stages of manufacturing processes, from raw materials until the final stages. The components we buy from side suppliers go through multiple reliability and validity tests to become parts of our products, to bring you the quality that you need.

Paths record

The user of JoyMechanix systems can cut, edit and record about 450 paths of movement (15 locations, 30 paths in each). The system is simple in use, and it is easy to choose between different paths, quick start and stop. The flight accuracy reaches 5 cm.


Our senior software engineer likes to say: «The more simple the code is, the better it works.» «Our team made a great job cleaning the code. We have reached the goal to make it as stable as your calculator.» — This is what I would like to add from myself. Of course, our program consists of thousands of code lines, but each function is well balanced and optimized to meet the same reliability requirements that you wish to see in all of your professional equipment. It doesn’t matter how complicated the system is. It should be easy in operation. This is what we stand for.


In the electronic components we focused on stability of operation. In order to achieve it we went a long way, conducting multiple experiments to test all the components and circuits in every possible condition. We ended up choosing the best way that we could rely on. Then we checked its ability to withstand tough conditions of cold Siberian winters and hot South summers. Monitoring of system operation in real rental work gave us even more practical information than laboratory tests. Gathering all this experience we were able to create products, which united outstanding performance and reliability. Now we are proud to present them to you!

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