This device is truly remarkable — its speed, its reaction time and its mobility exceed all expectations. The camera simply glides over the land surface and soars into the sky — it is absolutely fascinating! Thanks a lot to the developers, who have done a fantastic job!

— Igor Grinyakin

JOY MECHANIX combine our partner's experience with 

development and manufacturing, to provide the most 

reliable, user-friendly 3D cable-cam in the world.

We offer

  • Customized equipment, which suits specifically  the needs of the client
  • Free, speedy and efficient training in the system operation
  • Our technology is compact and is controlled by just  one camera man (JM 1.3, JM 2.3, MR)
  • Can be used both in small facilities and huge open spaces

Why choose us?

JoyMechanix product line covers 3D and 2Drobotic camera motion systems on cords and gyro stabilized 3-Axis pan-tilt heads. Every customer wants to have something exceptional, affordable and multifunctional. Our objective is to respond to these requests.

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