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 Manta Ray

Manta Ray is a new JoyMechanix product that is one of the primary dignified rays. The genus Manta is famous for its smoothness and calmness, and also for the ability to relocate quickly and overcome long distances. The JoyMechanix crew has found the secret of success. Manta Rays actually enjoy the movement! Manta Ray combine the following features in order to make this invention № 1 on the market:

  • Smoothness, calmness, quickness of movement
  • Mobility — Manta Ray is easy to take and travel worldwide
  • Enjoyment of movement

Flight area                   50 m x 50 m

Peak speed                         4 m/sec

Gross weight                           30 kg

Open air use                                  +

Installation time                   1 hour

Number of operators               1–2

New advanced flying technology

1D systems on wires are widely used in broadcasting and cinema, but their area of use is very narrow, as they can’t be transferred to 3D. The 3D systems are also widely spread, but they need huge winches, and up to 80% of energy is used just for maintaining the camera head up in the air.

Size and convenience

After years of research, prototyping and tests, our best engineers and experts from leading robotic and mechanical scientific centers finally managed to reduce the total weight and size of the cord-flying 3D camera system to fit into a suitcase. No huge cord winches anymore! Quick assembly and readiness to use makes the MR ideal for operation by just one cameraman. It is a great compromise between soaring drones and reliable camera cranes, resulting in top shooting quality and unique pictures in any location at the best price ever!

Power recuperation

We designed a special torque circulation mechanism, which allows us to save these 80% of power, moving to 3D with power consumption of 1D systems. The energy is transferred from the unwinding winch to the winding winch. This allows us to reduce the amount of spent energy and meet a wide functional range in the ultra-light system.

JM 1.3 Studio

JM 1.3 is the first product of JoyMechanix Company. JM1.3 is the 3D camera motion system on cords; here, winches can be fixed near the ceiling. This kind of arrangement saves space occupied by the system, leaving the winches almost invisible. This system is designed for studio TV production, medium-size sport arenas and event halls.

Flight area                   72 m x 72 m

Top speed                               4m/s                   (on demand up to 5.3 m/s)

Winch weight                          99 kg

Winches mount        floor / ceiling

Open air use                                 +

Installation time               12 hours

Number of operators               1–2


JM 1.3 is the best way to reopen all capabilities of your studio space. Its Flight Area is 72 m x 72 m, and it can reach the speed of 4 m/sec. This system offers high accuracy control, safety zones and programmable paths and extremely smooth movement.

Studio cord systems JM 1.3 are integrated with several Embedded Reality systems.

For connection, the standard protocol is used, which allows us to connect our equipment to most of the systems of Embedded
Reality without additional modifications.

JM 2.3 Universal

JM 2.3 is the best choice for large arenas, being able to handle the filming
of concerts and sport competitions. It can be operated both indoors and outdoors and produces great close-ups, capturing every detail, as well as a bird’s eye view of any action on the field.

Flight area              170 m x 170 m

Peak speed                       10 m/sec

Winch weight                        270 kg

Winches mount                       floor

Open air use                                  +

Installation time               1–2 days

Number of operators               1–2

Transport convenience

JM 2.3 is the latest designed product of JoyMechanix 3D camera motion winch systems line. It has all the advantages of the first series of JM 1.3, such as: easy in operation and filming, smaller winches than are expected for this type of systems.

Ideal for rental companies 

3D camera motion systems are specially designed for rental companies.

  • excellent for any size area with «box–type» cameras (from concert hall to football stadium)
  • easy in operation and filming
  • user-friendly interface
  • fast installation by 3 people
  • extended temperature range (–20/+50 degree Celsius)
  • the system is suitable for use in an open area.

JM 3.3 Industry

It’s the largest JoyMechanix 3D camera motion system on cords. Maximum operating diagonal is 400 m, what makes JM 3.3 suitable for use within any stadiums and open spaces.

  • fast and convenient mounting
  • peak speed reaches 15 m/sec
  • suitable even for cinema cameras
  • complete weatherproof

Flight area                285 m x 285 m (400 m x 400 m on demand)

Peak speed                        15 m/sec

Winch weight                         300 kg

Winches mount                        floor

Open air use                                    +

Installation time                1–2 days

Number of operators                    2 

Systems comparison

JM H 2.0 Black Swan

JoyMechanix systems work with different heads. Customers can attach their own stabilized platform or use ours. H2.0 is gyro-stabilized head with the following functions: Zoom, Focus and Pan-Tilt-Roll control. It can be equipped with a microphone and moderate light (Tally). Power and full set of signals to and from the H2.0 are provided through the hybrid cable (actuated by the special winch). Also H2.0 is very compact in size: h x w x l: 55 сm x 52 cm x 36 cm and weight of just 12 kg (camera and lenses - up to 8 kilos).

Gyro-stabilized head

Pan-Tilt-Roll control

Zoom and Focus remote control

Size: hxwxl: 55сm x 52cm x 36cm

Weight: 12kg

Control Stations

To operate JoyMechanix systems we made special control stations, they
are included in composition of the system. Customer can choose how many cameramen (1-2) would operate the control station.

Systems that comply with Control Station:
• for 1 operator — JM 1.3, JM 2.3, JM 4.1, MR
• for 2 operators — JM 1.3, JM 2.3, JM 3.3, JM 4.1, MR
The choice depends on characteristics of the system and what type of control is more suitable to the customer.

Control Station 1

It is controlled by just one cameraman. The station consists of 2 joysticks and 1 monitor, which is responsible for the view from the camera and characteristics of the system. There are three types of control of the JoyMechanix system by CS1:

  • Coordinates (XY)Z — computer; pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus-operator
  • Coordinates (XY)Z — operator; pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus-computer
  • Pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus- computer; Paths-operator

Control Station 2

It is controlled by two cameramen. The station consists of 4 joysticks and
2 monitors (the first one takes care of the camera view, the second one is
responsible for characteristics of the system). There are two types of control of the JoyMechanix system by CS2:

  • Coordinates (XY)Z — pilot; pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus-operator
  • If there is another head: pan, tilt, roll, zoom, focus native control station could be used

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