Online training courses

JoyMechanix online training courses

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, it became troublesome to organize onsite courses for our international clients. At JoyMechanix, we resolved this tough situation by creating a special online training course. In this course, our clients' teams are introduced to the new equipment, and they learn how to operate the JoyMechanix systems.

Through this optimization, we totally excluded the onsite part of the training, so our clients will be able to control JM robotic camera systems within just about two weeks of online training. Only in some cases, shortened onsite training courses are needed.

The first results of our new training courses are already here. Check out the video to see how our clients from Uzbekistan filmed their first project just right after we helped them install the equipment. They had finished our online training course and needed only a couple of days of onsite training. We’re getting lots of other positive feedback on our online training courses and seeing the benefits.

So, if your team is in a remote country with its borders remaining closed, do not hesitate nor doubt that you can manage JM systems. JoyMechanix created a true plug-and-play solution, and after only a few days of training, you’ll be able to operate JM motion camera systems on the highest level.